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Shoreline Vibes


Artist Statement

"The shoreline is my home. A place where the ocean calms your soul and rawr's with inspiration. It all began at a young age with my mother filling up the car with kids and snacks. Play was at the center, imagination always present, and the water was our best friend. We would spend the entire day at the beach until the sun went down. 


These warm playful memories, whether they be old or new, whether they be at the beach, a park, or your home land from afar, can override any trauma that may have happened. By reconnecting with our inner child and providing it love and play, we can help ourselves build an everlasting joy in the present moment.


Through out this exhibition, you are witnessing a life force from within. A force that we are all connected too, one that can be a healing guide and help our communities thrive. From Umbrellas, Flowers, Clouds and Shoreline Scenes, my paintings embody a conquering attitude and the life force within. The lively and colorful perspective is here to remind us to stay connected to the pure essence of; “our home is where the heart is.” 


We must treat it as we treat ourselves, with compassion, love, and respect.”

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