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Umbrella Series


Artist Statement

There is one shape that has always managed to catch my imagination:  the colorful half-moon.  Little did I know this object would help guide me to where I am today.  It reminds me of a being, with a soul, one who is on a journey to enlightenment.  It reminds me of you.  


With the image of the umbrella I am encouraging you to release any heavy emotions, and open up your heart, to unite with the world around you - and to reunite with yourself.  The quality of my life has always been enhanced by the inclusion of many different individuals and groups, always embracing their uniqueness.  As with people, I have learned to see beauty in the many diverse forms of the umbrella; be it classic, modern, striped, solid, feminine or masculine.  


When facing the most turbulent winds, the umbrella may fall, but it is always possible for it to stand once more, again and again.  As it dances with the sun I have observed the shadow it creates.  The umbrella reminds us that in our darkest times, in the shadows of our lifetime, there is still color that we could miss.  It teaches us that even in the shade there is still a warmth we may not be allowing ourselves to feel.  The shadow is the “the dark side,” at times it is that which we deny ourselves.  Other times it is simply that which we cannot see, such as weaknesses, selfishness, nastiness and so on. The shadow absolutely represents our unconscious, a deeper knowledge, and by exploring the shadow we grant ourselves tremendous opportunity for growth and development.  


It is time to shed the light on our own shadows and identify the darkness that is within us.  With our diversity we can stand tall, united, open, and twirling with love.

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