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KATIE FOGG - Multimedia Visual Artist

Born in Connecticut, Katie Fogg studied at two of the most prestigious figurative academy's, Lyme Academy College of Fine Art, CT, and the New York Academy of Art, graduate school of Figuration, class of 2014.


Katie Fogg (b.1988) is a multidisciplinary artist who's vibrant work

exemplifies her interpretation of the world in its full intensity. The visual experience of color and design create is a direct effect of environmental observation - both immediate and reflective. 


Born in Connecticut, Fogg has been classically trained during her time at two of the most prestigious figurative academies. She received her BFA from the Lyme Academy of College of Fine Art and her MFA from the New York Academy of Art. Fogg has received awards such as the John Stobart Fellowship Award, and publications that tell stories about her dedication to observe and her colorist reputation of traveled  lands and studies on the mind and spirit.


Fogg's many bodies of work, from plein-air to“music art” also known as ™ TRACISUM, ™ represents Fogg’s versatility and acts as limbs to a larger artistic being - each series outwardly portrays intimate personal experiences. 


New York Academy of Art

MFA Painting

(Printmaking Concentration)


Lyme Academy of Fine Arts

BFA Painting (Printmaking Concentration)




Leslie T. and Francis Posey

Scholarship, NYC

New York Academy of Art

Scholarship, NYC


John Stobart Fellowship Award 

Lyme Academy, CT


On view are vibrant paintings that exemplify an interpretation of the world in its full intensity. From plein-air to the figure, these paintings encompass the essence by exploring the intrinsic characteristics of a subject’s nature that could be described as the ‘everything-of-it-all.’


The plein-air oil paintings embody a colorist point of view. There is a focus on saturated colors, bold shapes, and staggered perspectives. The change of environment through travels inspire a new pallet, a different response, and a memory in essence.  


The figure paintings, in oil and acrylics, capture the essence from the outer world and transcends through soulful paintings that marry the history of surrealists. Now called Tracisum ™, also known as “music art” (spelled backwards), is an experimental play on the history of  “isms”and automatism, an association to the stream of the subconscious. The stream depicts the inner being that evolves over time, through experience and change. While immersed in music and silence, the enjoyment of “the zone” enhances a rhythmic quality that depicts a design of energy full of emotion, fantastical entities, and a world moving towards unification. 

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