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I heART Flowers


Art Will Blossom &
Hearts Will Open

I never really had a thing for flowers. I just didn’t like how quickly they came and went. These beautiful creatures only had such a short time to live, and I wanted them in my hands forever. It’s almost like when you get a puppy and you just wish it stays cute and small forever, but then you realize that with growth, a special bond begins to take place. Flowers have taken that place. As I begin to observe them, understand them, watch them come and go, I connected to their swift passage of life.

My understanding of self has just begun.

As the sun beams onto this earth, there is a continuation of life. It’s as if the flowers grow for a far reach to the light. As one continues to reach, there are parts that die away, for a new chapter, a new growth, a new door, a new you. A new bud, bud! 

Flowers are helping me understand that there is no end, just rebirth, renew, fresh energy, fresh everything. With each flower having its own meaning and sacred design, they historically have provided us with healing medicinally and spiritually.

Many flowers have been observed this summer but the Dahlia stood out. Dahl, Swedish for “valley,” are known as “valley of flowers,” mainly found in Mexico and South America. Dahlias are “the queen of the autumn garden,” as they bloom longer than other gardens. Flowers vary in symbolism as they vary in diversity. The Dahlia stands out as a symbol of change, finding inner strength, honesty and to always be kind. This flower of lasting bond, with self and other, is very present and blooming with dignity.


Each flower has a history, an essence, a power, a vibration, a connection and a place, just like you. Allow the ebb and flow, the good the bad, the dark the light, the up the down, the old the new, and continue to breath and reach for the light. It

lives on, forever, even when not in blossom.... Bloom away.

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