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Cloud 9


Artist Statement

 The up above is reminding me that all is a constant change. Whether it be still or passing by so quickly, there are shapes that are shifting, vibrant colors that are saturated with its own emotion attached to it, and light that is beaming through the cracks that make us wonder if that is what heaven looks like. The statement, “As Above So Below” has been acknowledged in my internal work already, and now has presented itself in the external world as well. 


From Umbrellas, to Flowers, and now on Cloud 9, my attention was drawn upward, to trust the ever changing process. As the sunset or little fluffy clouds draws our attention, there is a present state of bliss making use feel like we are on Cloud 9, a state of being that we never want to fade away. Parallel to that are the storms, the rain, the wind, the lightening, that make slow us down and shelter for safety and patiently wait to go outside and play again. 

That brings me to the next statement “This too shall pass.” A simple reminder that Cloud 9 is a state of being and doesn’t have to be temporary. It is a feeling that can be practices everyday to continue taking on the ebb and flow of life, and just like the clouds, continue to move, continue to change, fill, empty and still exist with the infinite source that keeps us all connected. 


One last thing, no Cloud stands alone, and sticking together we will continue to practice and do the things we love to stay on Cloud 9. 

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