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Women's Collection

Some years ago I immersed myself into the figure. As I studied the external body, bones, anatomy, and the materials that covered it, I also began to let go of the corporeal and felt an internal spirit begin to emerge. 


Merging fashion with my curiosity of style and stance, the printmaking process gave me time and patience to portray the essence, beauty, and power within. Did I know that then? Perhaps only subconsciously. Has my perspective changed? Absolutely. And that is why I titled this show “Emerge.” 


This collection came to the surface 10 years later, and to look back with clarity, there was a spirit that was with me the entire time. This collection, along with others, records visually my journey to seek healing, truth, and growth so that I can share it with others and help them do the same. 


To Women, and to those from all walks of life: we have a guiding force, we have power, and most importantly, we have love. As it emerges we can conquer the world together by staying true to ourselves. 


Be you, become known, EMERGE!

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